Chantal and Kenneth talk to Grant Ongers and Mike Davis about infosec and the local BSides conference in Cape Town.

Grant and Mike are part of the organizing team behind BSides in Cape Town, and both love working in the infosec space. BSides here is based on, and supported by, the BSides conference in Las Vegas. BSides originated as a community event in Las Vegas and has been running for many years. It happens close to the popular Defcon conference.

BSides CT is looking to be a great event, with some amazing hardware badges on offer and the opportunity for attendees to contribute to their Rite of Passage program and help a young budding infosec person visit Defcon & BSides LV.

We also scratch the surface of infosec and it means for developers in our day-to-day work. We learned a lot, and this is only the beginning!

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Here are some resources mentioned in the show:

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