We chat to Louise Perold about testing as a means to improve the overall quality of software, and the upcoming Let's Test conference

Kenneth & Len chat to Louise Perold about the art & practice of software testing. Louise reframes testing in a wonderful light, and how testers compliment and support the existing software development efforts. There are many things that simply cannot be tested reliably with automated techniques, and we explore why.

Louise has been helping teams write better software since the early 2000's, and is continuing on that journey today with her new consultancy and yearly conference. Louise is one of the proud members of House of Test, along with Oz Chihwayi. Louise is also one of the organisers of the local Let's Test conference.

Just a few of the tips offered by Louise for developers working with testers:

  • Talk, talk, talk
  • Testers can help clarify your thoughts on design, and help identify where the risks can be
  • Don't give a checklist of instructions, those are the tests that can be automated

Louise definitely gave us a lot to think about, and we hope you feel the same way after the show.

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Thanks for listening!

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