We chat to Jade Abbott from Retro Rabbit about artificial intelligence, broadly and more specifically about NLP and what that means for us.

Chantal, Kenneth & Len talk to Jade about natural language processing, commonly referred to as NLP. What does it take to get a machine to understand what we're saying as people?

Jade has always had a fascination with smart machines, from trying to build robots in school and now teaching machines to understand what we're saying. Jade takes a fairly complex topic and helps us come to terms with it. We question whether people, or intelligence, is algorithmic and what that means.

Processing natural language is not without challenges and Jade walks us through the maze of terminology and some tools to get started with, and we have several resources below to help as well. What would happen if AI tries to right a movie? What happens if the movie was made?

Importantly, neural nets are not the whole of AI. We wander around expert systems, random forests, and other great statistical models that very useful and predictable.

Is intelligence just an algorithm? What do you think? Let us know!

Find and follow Jade online:

Jade has some repos with sample projects on GitHub:

Jade offers some great resources not specifically covered in the show.

For people looking to get into AI:

How Neural Networks Really Work:

Using Natural Language for AI

Here are some resources mentioned in the show:


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