We tackle data visualization in its full technicolor glory!

Kenneth, Kevin & Len are joined by Jeff Fletcher from IS Research & Innovation to talk about data visualization. Jeff has been working in the internet business for quite some time, from JINX to Telkom, Antfarm to IS, UUNet to 365 and finally back to R&I at Internet Solutions. We met Jeff a few years ago at Jozi.rb where he gave a D3 talk that blew everyone away. Since then Jeff has studied the art of successful data visualization and shares with us all the intricacies of generating effective graphics to communicate complex ideas.

We got a history lesson on the origins of data visualization, starting with cartography and Florence Nightingale! We learn how visualization helped stop a cholera outbreak too! Jeff freely shared his knowledge and resources with us and we hope you can use all this to improve your own visualizations.

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