We reach over the proverbial cubicle wall and chat with the testers!

Kenneth, Kevin & Len are joined by Janco Wolmarans and Oz Chihwayi to talk about their experiences of having software testers integrated into a multi-functional software delivery team.

Oz shares with us how he went from running batch processes during the graveyard shift to become a software tester and a key member of his team. Janco tells us the most difficult thing he's done in the last 4 years is choose a title on LinkedIn!

The idea for the show came about after Kenneth saw Janco & Oz give a talk at the DeveloperUG meetup. They've since taken this talk to Let's Test 2016 in Sweden, along with "vim for testers" and a workshop on flow.

We talk about they formed such an integrated team, a team where the developers and testers have daily mob programming sessions. We also clarify the difference between automated software testing, or checking, and the roles of software testers in the team.

The result is many lessons from a tightly integrated team, where everyone shares in the responsibilities and rewards of delivering solutions, even if some solutions never involve writing a single line of code.

Follow Janco & Oz online: - https://twitter.com/jancowol - https://twitter.com/ozchihwayi

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