Live from DevConf 2017! Four conversations on the day.

Kenneth & Len were invited to DevConf 2017 to cover the day. Kenneth got four recordings in for the show while Len worked the floors and collected stories we shared on the day via social media.

We hope you enjoy these conversations!

On bad computers and other things

The first interview is with Rebecca Franks & Terri Burns about their presentations. It is rumoured Rebecca had people standing in the passages! Terri delivered a great keynote on algorithmic biases and what we should watch out for as developers.


Melting PI's

Second is a chat with Gareth Stephenson about his Raspberry PI compute cluster, why and how he built it and how you too can get started with Raspberry PI's.


In through the open window

Matt Cavanagh from RogueCode delivered a chilling talk on responsibly breaking into systems and working with the owners to plug the holes. If you got a message from Have I Been Pwned about the Ster-Kinekor breach, thank Matt.


Meet the makers

Last, and definitely not least, a longer chat with organisers Candice Mesk and Robert McLean on how they pulled it off and what DevConf means for them. As is tradition, there was an aircon failure too! They hint to the possibility of another location next year to broaden the reach, and you'll need to listen to find out where.

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Thanks to the DevConf team for hosting us and encouraging us to shove microphones into willing faces!

Thanks for listening!

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