We talk to Quentin Harley, the "crazy inventor" behind the locally built Morgan 3D Printers

Kenneth & Len chat to Quentin about the how the Morgan 3D printers came to be, building the impossible in 2 weeks, and how to the unique form factor of the Morgan came about in a dream!

Quentin shares a lot of fascinating insights into the history of the printer and demystifies a lot of terms for us, including how you measure print quality & resolution, different types of filaments, the technology behind these printers, open sourcing the hardware and how 3D printing as a whole can be scaled up to the point of printing buildings. We also learned that the popular PLA filament is organic and a fully renewable material!

Find and follow Quentin & the Morgan 3D printers online:

Morgan Pro 2

Here are some resources mentioned in the show:


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