We talk to Tim Haak about playing with wifi networks covering large parts of Gauteng, and running Docker in production, and how to sanely get started with conquering containers.

Kenneth & Kevin chat to Tim about Docker, what it is, how its evolving and how to sanely start packaging your apps in containers for shipping.

Heads up! There were some audio syncing issues during post production, but the content is still great! Also, this show was recorded in 2016 and the content held up quite nicely!

Containers & Docker are revolutionizing how software gets deployed, and how distributed systems are being built. As you'll learn, Tim has extensive experience deploying more than just rudimentary bits of software. His involvement with the Pretoria WUG and building ISP infrastructure definitely put him in a good position to grapple with and conquer the Docker story.

Tim has plenty of insights of using this fairly new technology that you can learn from.

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