We talk to Clarice Bouwer about imposter syndrome, what it is and how to overcome it. Join us as we learn about this and other issues around the often overlooked topics of mental well-being.

Chantal & Kenneth talk to Clarice Bouwer. Clarice started the Corporate Programmer blog as a survival guide for her work in a big corporate environment, and has written over 50 great posts. It turns out surviving in a big corporate is all out people & relationships!

Inspired by Scott Hanselman's "I'm a phony. Are you?" post, Clarice wrote up her own experiences with feeling like an imposter. This well written post landed her interviews on two other podcasts, ours, and the Reddit front page. Clarice also gave a presentation at Rubyfuza 2017 and a recent Jozi.rb.

This post and other well researched posts on her blog focuses a lot on how important mental health & well-being is and shares a lot things we can do to look after ourselves.

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