In this episode we explore the world of indie game development.

Kenneth and Kevin are joined by Sean Goncalves (@TheSonofWolf) and Ben Myres (@benjamming) from Nyamakop (@_Nyamakop), makers of independent games in Braamfontein, Johannesburg.

We touch on the difference between "AAA" and "indie" games, tools of the trade, the experiences of releasing a game, and how accurate the Indie Game movie is.

Ben & Sean share their experiences and observations and offers a ton of great insights and advice, and many ways to get involved in making games. We were pleasantly surprised to learn that there is a very active and successful community of game makers in South Africa. There are plenty of opportunities for beginners and experts alike to get involved with game development, and we hope to have helped clear some of the fog of war surrounding the topic.

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Some useful resources from the discussion, categorized below.

Tools and assets:

Local community & events:

Local games:

International events with local participation:


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