In this episode we explore the local world of open data and civic hacking.

Kenneth, Kevin and Len are joined by Jason Norwood-Young (@jnorwoodyoung) from Code4SA (@Code4SA). Jason was a tech journalist in a previous life and "converted to the dark side" to become a developer. He's currently working with Code4SA on various open data and civic hacking initiatives and took us for a whirlwind tour of the space.

We touch on a range of topics, from acquiring data from government and civil society, to the tools used to clean and interview the data, to publishing the data and building impacting projects that better the lives of people on the ground. We wrap up with some ways curious folks can get involved in the civic hacking movement, chatting local and global efforts to disseminate information and empower people.

Follow Jason ( and Code4SA ( on Twitter. Code4SA has an exhaustive list of projects on GitHub (, and can be found online at

This show was packed with a lot of resources, all listed below:

Non-exhaustive list of sources:

A few tools of the trade:

Spotlight on Code4SA:

Other, non-affiliated, code* groups:

Our spot in the global arena

After we stopped recording we also chatted about Adrian Frith's Dotmap -


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