Join us as we explore Clojure, the robust, practical and fast programming language.

Kenneth, Kevin & Len talk to Robert Stuttaford (@RobStuttaford), co-founder and CTO of Cognician, about the Clojure programming language and his experience using it for the last few years. We discuss the language itself as well as some tools. We sing the praises of Rich Hickey, even if it just for his great talks, and stroll around the ecosystem including the obligatory stop at Datomic.

Robert really did a great job of guiding us through the landscape and we're very excited about Clojure after this call. We'll definitely have Robert back in the future to cover Datomic and other parts of Clojure we didn't cover.

Quick aside, the conversation was very organic and we skipped the formal introductions, and we had a few small technical snags with the recording, but the content is still great and we hope you enjoy listening as much as we did recording.

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Thanks for listening!

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