Join us as we look into our crystal ball to see what is coming in the next major release of the popular Angular framework.

Kenneth & Len are joined by Mike Geyser from BBD to talk about the upcoming Angular 2 release. Mike has been a web developer for many years, having uploaded websites to Geocities back in the day! The web has changed a lot since the good old days of "single page websites" and "under construction" GIF's, and in this show we look at Angular 2.

This major new version has stirred a lot of controversy since it was announced in 2014, with fears around the new tooling, the initial lack of an upgrade path and the adoption of TypeScript as the default language for writing in. Headline features include writing isomorphic applications, easier "native" mobile apps and greater performance than its predecessor.

Mike does a great job of showing us what is coming down the pipe.

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