We're joined again by Rishal Hurbans to chat about his Prolific Idea initiative, how it came to be, what it currently does and where it's going.

We talk about the X-Prize Learning Challenge and the importance of letting kids learn while they're having fun. Kevin and Kenneth reminisce about Sesame Street, Cartoon Network and learning numeracy in computer labs in primary school. Participating in the X-Prize was what lead Rishal to formalise Prolific Idea into a business.

The weekly Code Offs that Rishal hosts have been a great success as a learning tool. We talk and walk through how that came about and how he gets his ideas for the challenge, including detecting gravitational waves! You'll have to go see for yourself in the 13th Code Off.

We turned our focus to design thinking towards the end of the show, which turned out to be a much bigger topic than Kenneth thought. It encompasses collaboration and good communication to successfully communicate and execute on an idea. Inspired by modern minds like Elon Musk, this definitely looks like a field to keep up with.

A lot of ground was covered in the episode and we look forward to seeing where Rishal takes Prolific Idea, and we hope you're left motivated to participate or execute on your own ideas!

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