Join us for a tale of conquering software development as we follow one young star on his journey to taming React.

Tonight Kenneth, Kevin & Len are joined by Taariq Isaacs to talk about his journey as a software developer and how he tamed React. Taariq started off his journey at CPUT in their Mechatronics course, a branch of electrical engineering. Not satisfied he started teaching himself through Code Academy and quickly started at codeX where he discovered the joys of programming. One of the early game changers for Taariq was breaking out of the theoretical realm and getting his hands dirty. This was the turning point at codeX.

From humble beginnings with JavaScript, HTML & CSS, Taariq dabbled with Ruby & Python too before getting exposed to React at his first job. He shares how he learned to delete code, and how frequently he had to relearn a concept shortly after having learned it the first time. Not giving up Taariq went on to all in love with React and its accompanying technologies like flux (then) and redux now. He's constantly looking to experiment with new tools and practices in the React ecosystem. Earlier this year he delivered his first public presentation at the Cape Town Frontend Developers meetup to a crowd of 40+ developers, and he admitted to having fun :)

The journey is great, and far from over for Taariq! He has big dreams of running his own development shop one day, and he definitely has the ambition to pull it off!

We hope you enjoy this show as much as we did recording it.

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